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My girlfriend loves to lick my asshole. What do I do?

Q :

I am 24 and my girlfriend is 25. The thing is that she wants me to lick her pussy and asshole!! We have a great sexual relationship, but this is the only problem which crops up every time. She does the same to me. Though I get immense pleasure when she sucks my cock, but I don’t enjoy when she licks my ass, but I still let her do it as she gets a high in doing this but I certainly can not put my mouth to her pussy, forget about licking the asshole (YUCK…) Till recently it was ok with her, but now she seriously demands me to do it and the relationship is just getting a bit sour. What the hell do I do now??

A :

you need to understand that each person has their own peculiar way of getting excited and having sex. I don’t know about the ass licking – but licking a girl’s wet pussy is very erotic. I love it when my men get down there and lick me dry. The main thing here is hygiene – If the pussy and cock area is clean daily and before oral sex, it can be very pleasurable. You’ll can also use the 69 Position so that both of you are busy licking and sucking each other at the same time.
Just like you love a blowjob – your girlfriend will really enjoy the pussy licking. This is bound to make her very hot and the sex later will be even more amazing. About the ass licking – you need to just tell her that you are not able to do that. If she gets her kicks outta licking your asshole – then let her enjoy herself. You don’t have to do it – the pussy licking and fingering will be enough to give her many orgasms. So just talk to your girlfriend and I’m sure that the sex life will only get better.